Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Fourth, Fun, & Family Camp

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I spent a few days at Emerald Isle with the Coats girls . It was nice to get our toes in the sand and breathe the salty air.

Margo and Addison had fun playing together.


Lauren and Lydia chillaxin at the pool.
We had a great time at Emerald Isle and are now looking forward to our annual family beach trip to Atlantic Beach.
Madeline had a great time at Camp Don Lee. She went straight from Emerald Isle to camp. Margo loved riding the ferry and feeding the seagulls.

Madeline and Reagan on pick-up day! They survived three nights of camping like big girls.

Now rewind to the 4th of July. I never got around to posting these pictures. Here are the girls on the 4th of July, after church.

My little firecracker, all dressed up for the neighborhood parade on Saturday, July 3rd.

Lydia strikes a patriotic pose.

Even Annie celebrated the 4th.
She is such a sweet doggie.

The following pics are from family camp at Camp Don Lee, July 11-14th. David and the girls stayed in the pop-up camper and enjoyed lots of activities. Margo and I enjoyed a quiet house for a few days :-)

Madeline jumping off the floating dock at the Don Lee pool.

Lydia practices her archery skills.

David with M&L at family camp

The girls on a Flying Scot.

The End :-)


grandma said...

I love seeing fresh pictures of my girls having fun! Lookin' forward to posts from the beach.

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