Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Happy Camper

Well....the day finally came! We took Madeline to Camp Don Lee today for starter camp (3 nights). She was so excited. Doesn't she look like a happy camper?

Here she is with her friend Reagan. I think they will have a good time and make some good friends and memories.

Look very closely and you'll see the sweat dripping off of our bodies. It was so HOT!!! It sure is hard to believe that Madeline is old enough to be going to camp.

With her counselor, Amanda. I hope she is having a great time. I am holding up pretty tears yet. I'm so glad I can e-mail her and check the camp's website and see pictures! Aaahhh, technology!


Grandma said...

You can e-mail your kid at camp????
My, how things have changed!! Well, then, let Grandma know what you hear. Like you, it is hard to think she is old enough to go. Seems like not too long ago we were sending little David off for the first of many trips to Don Lee.

creative gal said...

She has grown up! Great pictures and I know she will have a blast!