Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bathroom Makeovers

Over the past six weeks or so, we have slowly been updating our bathrooms. Here is a picture of our newly updated master bath. I really wish I had a before picture to share, but I don't! When we moved in eleven years ago, this bathroom had floral wallpaper and those vertical movie star lights! We lived with the wallpaper for a while. Over the years, this bathroom has been painted by yours truly at least three times. This time, I obsessed over paint swatches for a few weeks and decided we needed to change more than the paint color! We ditched the Miss Piggy lights and got some simple sconces. I got this mirror on a super-duper clearance at Lowe's and decided it would look a little nicer than the boring builder grade mirror that we had. Again, I wish I had a before picture, but you'll just have to trust me...

David replaced the faucet. WOW, what a huge improvement over the big round crystal ball faucet!

We also replaced the hardware on the doors and drawers. The brushed nickel looks so much better than those porcelain ones we had.

The new shower curtain, roman shade and rug complete the new look!

Now here's a BEFORE picture. This is the hall bath or the girls' bathroom. This bathroom has also been through several paint colors over the years. The pale pink walls with purple hydrangea wallpaper border was done about a year before Madeline was born. So after close to ten years of this....of course, I was getting the itch to paint and update!!!!

This time I had helpers who were more than willing to paint!

I only let them paint a little bit on this one wall.

They loved it and kept asking if they could paint more.

And here's the newly painted and updated hall bathroom. We used the same hardware, faucet, and light fixtures in both bathrooms.

I had a hard time finding a shower curtain that I liked that went with the paint color. So when I found these curtains at Wally World, I just sewed them together to make a shower curtain. I even had just enough fabric to make a window treatment. I love the polka dot rug that coordinates with the stripes. It reminds me of the game Twister!

Guess who these three bathing beauties are?

David cut some molding and I framed it around the mirror that was already there. I got the idea from a DIY blog. It really gives it such a finished look!

The girls love their new bathroom! I think this bathroom definitely went from drab to FAB!!!
Now......what to paint next ?????


Grandma said...

Hmmm...what to paint next? I could come up with a few projects at 1215 Walnut!

Leslie said...

I need you to be my interior designer! Everytime we paint, the colors do not come out the way I want. I love your choices and accessories!

The Three of Us said...

Gina It looks AWESOME!! I'm so jealous! I need your help on my bedroom... I just have taken the plunge again and want to get it finished by next weekend.. omg... it's dreadful. Mom and I started on it a year ago from last April.. then she got sick and couldn't help.. so I'm going to try to do it on my own.... We'll see... omg.

Megan said...

That looks great!

Rona's Home Page said...

What amazing colors and decor. It's right out of a magazine.

~Shelly~ said...

Very cute! I love that valance :) (Over from Kelly's Korner)

Just Terrific said...

How pretty! I love the colors!!

Anonymous said...

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