Thursday, September 09, 2010


Madeline joined Girl Scouts and is officially a Brownie.

She had her first meeting a few weeks ago. Here she is with her fellow Brownies and her troop leader, Mrs. Ridout.

I just got their schedule of events and boy, are we gonna be busy! Not that we aren't
already :-)

Lydia is still waiting to be placed in a Daisy Troop. She wants to be in Girl Scouts so badly. Hopefully, there will be enough interest generated in our area....
She and Margo helped me make brownies the other night.

She loves to stir.

Taste test by Margo

I think she approved!!!

I just had to include this picture of Margo from her first day of MMO for the fall. She requested piggy-tails and insisted on carrying her fishie pocketbook! Before I know it, she'll be in Brownies!


Grandma said...

I guess we know who we will order Girl Scout cookies from now!! They are all just too, too precious!

Nanners said...

Good luck with the Daisy troop! I have no idea how they place the troops-according to school? boundary lines? who knows? I'm waiting to hear from the director. I'm almost positive that I'll end up being a leader. Good thing is I have 2 friends (both single) who are excited to be co-leaders with me! Have you seen Troop Beverly Hills???? I may need to watch it again for inspiration!

Catherine said...

We should have a steady supply of girl scout cookies for many years to come with all the little girls in the family, can't wait! The picture of Margo with pigtails reminds me of Madeline.