Thursday, September 16, 2010

Margo's Favorite Book

"Say hello to someone really special. Say hello to Grover's mommy!" Those are the first lines of Margo's favorite book, Grover's Mommy. She has loved this little book for quite some time now. It's always on the bedtime story top three, or five, or however many little books we read each night. Lately she has taken her love for Grover's Mommy to a whole new level:

Yes, a bedtime buddy. See her book tucked under her arm. Poor George had to move over, but at least he's still in the crib! She even walks around first thing in the morning with her top three: her paci, her blankie, and her book! I really need to get a picture of that!

I wish I could say that this used to be mine or David's book, but I actually bought this at a children's consignment shop when Lydia was a baby. Lydia loved it too, but not as much as Margo. I think we've definitely gotten our money's worth!


Nanners said...

so cute! what happened to George's eye??? I love the sleeping baby pic!

Grandma said...

I have had the pleasure of reading "Grover's Mommy," and she sounds a lot like Margo's mommy!!