Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Mountain Trip

Two weeks ago we headed to the mountains in western NC for a fun weekend of camping. What was supposed to be a six hour drive turned into about an eight hour trip due to an almost blown-out tire on our camper. Thankfully a driver on I-40 saw that it was about to blow and got our attention so we could pull over and handle it! That delayed us a couple of hours, but we still got to the campground just before nightfall.
We stayed at Black Forest Campground near Cedar Mountain. The weather was absolutely gorgeous that weekend! We were very close to Dupont Forest so we did some hiking and were able to see some beautiful waterfalls.

We even took the girls to a corn maze.

We were at the campground for three nights and we had smores each night for dessert. The Flynns were able to join us for a couple of nights so the girls had some playmates. We also took Annie with us and she did great! She loves camping.

We packed up the camper on that Monday and headed to Asheville. We dropped Annie off at doggie daycare and spent the day (and our 13th wedding anniversary) at Biltmore. The girls loved it and Margo even did well throughout most of the tour. We didn't get kicked out so we consider it a successful trip. We started to head home around 6pm and not even 10 minutes into our departure we were stuck on I-40 for two hours due to an overturned tractor trailer! We ended up getting home around 1am. We'll definitely remember this trip as the one with the delays to and from. But even with the delays it was an awesome trip. I've uploaded all of our pictures to flickr and you can view them here. Enjoy!

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