Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Margo Reads to Branson

Here is a video of Margo reading her favorite book to her friend Branson. See if you can hear her reading the part about Grover's mommy being a "mechanical genius". I also love when she and Branson are picking out Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Grover on the pages. She's such a bossy little thing, telling Branson, "no that's a balloon" after he says it's a ball. Pause the playlist on the right sidebar to hear the story. You can also double click directly on the video (center) or either in the lower right hand corner to enlarge the video. Enjoy!


Leslie said...

Too cute! Brayden would love for Margo to read him a book anytime!

Grandma said...

And Margo is a reading genius--gets her smarts from her Grandma, I am sure!