Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Shoot with Margo

This afternoon I took Miss Margo outside for some pictures. A few weeks ago when Leslie was sharing Brayden's 2 year pics with me, I realized I never got Margo's 2yr. pictures done. Well, now she's close to two and a half. Oh, well....better late than never.

In this pic, she's telling me to "shhhhhh, be chiet".

Cris-cross, applesauce.

In the dogwood tree....should've known that would bring a smile.

Fun, fun!

Piggy tails out.

Sweet girl....she's a mess!
I did a Christmas card photo shoot with all the girls yesterday afternoon and I think I got some pretty good shots. It's really tough trying to get all three to cooperate at the same time. And no, we have not put up our Christmas decorations. Nor have I bought the first Christmas gift. BUT.....I did decorate my blog for Christmas.


Leslie said...

Cute pictures! They came out good...I might get you to take Brayden's 3 year pics!

Grandma said...

Poor little third child! No paid photographer could have captured her spirit any better--and she does have spirit!