Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa and Musicals

Our church had Breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning. Madeline and Lydia did not hesitate to hop in his lap and tell them their wish lists.

Margo, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him!

On Sunday night our Children's Choir performed The Christmas County Spelling Bee. They have been practicing for this since September and they did an outstanding job! The storyline was a spelling bee where children spelled all the different names of Jesus, such as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, etc. Madeline was one of the main characters, Amanda Allen. She did a great job. Madeline is not as outspoken as Lydia in public, so I'm really proud of her for doing so well with this part. She spoke clearly and knew every one of her lines. She didn't seem nervous at all.

Lydia was Bella McDoubt and a shepherd lady. Here she is singing a solo to Wonderful Counselor. She did a great job, too!

Madeline as Amanda and Nathan as Ferris in a tie-breaker for the spelling bee....writing down their words.

Amanda and Ferris were both winners because you can spell Emmanuel with an "E' or an "I". They became Mary and Joseph in the nativity scene.

I'm sure little mother Madeline was right at home holding Baby Jesus!

Last night Lydia was Mrs. Claus in her school musical, The Littlest Christmas Tree.

Grandma's reading glasses perfected the look!

Now with the apron on, she is ready to perform!

Mrs. Claus with Santa.

Saying her lines! She loves the stage and a microphone! (big surprise)

Decorating the littlest Christmas tree. The little girl who played this part could SING!
This was a really cute program and Lydia was pretty excited about being Mrs. Claus.
With Lydia's performance in church on Sunday night, last night as Mrs. Claus and the little girl drama that occurred when I was fixing her hair prior to the musical last night (which I must say was Oscar worthy), Lydia just might have a future on the stage.


Leslie said...

The girls did so well in their performances...We enjoyed watching them both!

Grandma said...

Great job done by all! We are enjoying the Christmas festivities with our grandchildren.