Thursday, December 23, 2010

T-2 :: The Paci

Margo has been in love with her paci since day one! She followed in her sister's footsteps and has loved her Nuk pacifiers. I'm ashamed to say how many pacis we have owned over the last eight years. It has been a source of comfort for her and on many occasions a lifesaver for us and our ears :-)

Well, the time has come to hand over the pacis to Santa. So tomorrow night (if all goes well), Margo will place all of her pacis in her stocking for Santa and he will replace them with toys and goodies. This worked for Madeline and Lydia. So let's just hope the same will work for Margo. We have been talking about it for weeks now and she has even watched the videos of M& L putting their pacis in their stockings on Christmas Eve. Wish us luck, because we would like to get some sleep tomorrow night :-)

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Grandma said...

Good luck! We will be thinking about you. . . in our sleep.