Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White {day after} Christmas

We had a very merry Christmas and hope you did too. We had a snowy WHITE day after Christmas! The weatherman got this one right!!!
We got close to a foot of snow. That's ALOT for us here in NC! The girls had fun playing in the snow. Margo wasn't too fond of the snow since she kept falling down in it.....so, we pulled her around in the wagon. It was more like a sled once the snow got built up on the wheels.

She was happiest in Mama's arms.

Madeline was lovin' this snow. Look at that ginormous snowball.

Later in the day, the girls got in some sledding.

On Monday the girls and I built a Carolina girl snowwoman! Then we spent the rest of the day inside. I took down decorations and the girls played with all their new toys.

I'm happy to report that Margo gave her pacis to Santa and has done GREAT! Here's a picture of her putting them in her stocking for Santa on Christmas Eve. I think she was pretty happy with what he gave her in return for those pacis. She was so distracted on Christmas day with toys and chocolate and excitement that it really wasn't even an issue.

After loading up the pacis, we gave Margo a candy cane and the girls listened to David read The Night Before Christmas.

Christmas morning....checking out their gifts from Santa! The girls also opened some presents from mommy & daddy and then we had one last present for them. They had to do a scavenger hunt to get the present. We had the girls going all over the house looking for clues. They loved it.

And here they are opening the final gift! It was a cake that said:

Yes, it's true! They were pretty excited about this gift. We are beyond blessed and are thankful that we could spend our Christmas holiday with friends and family. I do wish we could've seen our tiniest niece in the NICU, but the weather prevented us from going to see her. But I am super happy to report that as of today, she is officially over 3lbs! We hope to get a visit in soon with her and her family.
Next up: venturing out tomorrow. We're starting to get a little cabin fever :-)

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