Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lydia's Tooth

Lydia lost her first tooth on Monday night. It had been loose for a few weeks. Right before bedtime, she showed me how loose it was. It was pretty much horizontal when she wiggled it. I could see the root sticking out . It must have been hanging on by a teeny tiny piece of gum tissue. In the picture above she is inspecting it in the mirror.

She played around with it for about 30 minutes. She wanted to pull it by herself, but couldn't quite get the job done. Here she is with a tiny piece of paper towel to help her get a grip on the tooth. After all the dilly-dallying I decided to "help" her. I knew we would be up all night if we kept waiting on her to pull it. So I suggested that she let me help her put the paper towel on her tooth in just the right spot (all the while knowing if I ever got that close to the tooth, it was coming out)!

Enjoy the video below!!!!!

Nothing like some good Lydia DRAMA, huh?!?!?

Proudly showing off her tooth and her new smile :-)

I can always count on Lydia to give me a crazy pose! I must say the most drama was immediately after the tooth was pulled. I really thought she would be crying and hysterical during the whole process, but she did great! Now that we've been through the first loose tooth, maybe the next one will not be too bad.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I tried.....

We had a family gathering on Sunday and I tried to get a good picture of all the little Grimes cousins sitting on Grandma's stairs. Thanks to Great Aunt Jackie for providing entertainment at the bottom of the stairs as I clicked away. Oh well.... I really wasn't expecting to get a great picture. I'm just happy we got them all to sit for a few minutes. We can't have them all sit AND look at the camera, now can we?!? We will still enjoy looking back on these pictures though. And we will be glad when little Avery can join in the photos, fun and chaos :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday :: The Beach

With all the winter weather we've had lately, I've been thinking about warmer weather. Even though the sun is shining today, it's still cold! David just told me last night that he booked our week at the beach in July! That's six months away, but it will be here before we know it. Time is flying and my babies are growing up right before my eyes! This picture was taken the summer of 2008 and Margo was 7 weeks old.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Disney Vacation

We spent last week at Disney World. We had a fun-filled week and packed a lot into each day. We walked and walked and walked..... Our last trip to Disney was in January of 2008. This time around we knew what to expect and knew the layouts of the parks and were familiar with such things as the transportation systems and other Disney tidbits. That really made this trip flow very smoothly! One added extra about this trip was that all the Christmas decorations were still up and they were still playing Christmas music. Everything was so pretty, especially at night. The crowds were not bad at all. There was an influx of runners and their families towards the end of the week for the annual Disney 5k, half marathon, and marathon. I think David now has his sights set on a Disney Marathon/Vacation for our next trip. LOL!

This was Margo's first trip to Disney and her first time flying (she was in utero the last trip). Here she is pulling her Minnie Mouse suitcase in the airport.

She did great flying. She was a chatty Cathy both to and from Disney. We kept her entertained with snacks, toys, and DVDs.

Our three girls heading to Breakfast at Cinderella Castle. We had a 9am reservation and had to arrive early....before the park opened. It was really neat walking down Main Street USA with no crowds. It felt like we were the only people in the park. That was a really neat experience and a great time to take pictures.

Here's Margo meeting her favorite princess, Snow White, or as she says, "No White". Margo loved all the characters, but was very shy when it came time to meet them. I think that's half a smile on her face in the above picture. She never took her eyes off of Snow White during the breakfast. As for all the other characters like Mickey and Minnie, she loved pointing them out and always wanted to see them, but wasn't too fond of having her picture taken with them. This actually worked to our advantage because we didn't have to stand in super-long lines. We could just do a walk-by and she was happy! Margo insisted on wearing her Snow White dress almost every day. It would usually come off after a couple of hours and then a few hours later she would ask to put it back on. She even started saying, " I not Margo. I No White."

Lydia sporting her Minnie Mouse ears. Lydia had a great time! She remembered everything from the last trip. And we were worried that she was too young for Disney three years ago. Her favorite ride is still the Haunted Mansion. She also loved the Tower of Terror and I even got to ride Space Mountain with her. Last time I rode that ride I was thirteen. Yeah....25 years ago!

I just love this picture of Madeline and Lydia. They look genuinely happy and despite all the bickering and sibling rivalry, they do love each other!

We rode lots of rides :-)

We spent a day at Epcot, touring lots of different countries. Madeline especially liked this because she had a passport book that she got stamped in each country. She also had a special greeting and her name written in her book in each country's language. Madeline lived up to her role as "Mother Madeline". She was a big help with Margo, especially during diaper changes in the Disney bathrooms. She also helped us keep a tight reign on Lydia, often shouting, "Come on Lydia, you're gonna get lost!"

We dined with the characters. Here are the girls with Minnie Mouse at Chef Mickey's.

Margo's favorite roller coaster: Goofy's Barnstormer. I think we lost count of how many times we rode this ride. As soon as the ride was over, Margo would say, "I wanna do it again!" One night we were riding and I looked over and saw both of her little arms stretched high in the air. I guess she was doing what she saw her sisters doing in the car in front of her. I quickly yelled for David to snap a picture.

All that fun can wear out a princess!
Margo took lots of stroller naps. On our last day in the parks, Margo slept for 2 hours straight through two of the noisiest attractions: an outdoor stunt show with cars with LOUD revving motors and The Great Movie Ride with LOUD movie clips. I think irregular naps throughout the week finally caught up with her.

This is the giant three-story Big Wheel that was outside our hotel building. Notice Margo sitting in the rear tire! We stayed at the Pop Century Resort. The property is full of over sized icons representing all decades from the 1950s through the 1990s.

Here are Madeline and Lydia next to the Play-Doh can after a little swimming. The girls really loved all the icons. There was also a Mickey Mouse phone, Rubik's cube and permanent Twister game located outside.

Epcot photo

With Mickey at Hollywood Studios

With Buzz & Woody from Toy Story

We had a great time at Disney. Being there is kind of like being in a time warp. The time just flies by and at the end of each day, a hotel bed has never felt so good. We were exhausted by the end of the week and were actually looking forward to coming home. We managed to make it through the week with no major meltdowns or drama. The only bump in the road was the dead battery in our van awaiting us at the airport. Oh, well... it could always be worse! We are grateful for a vacation spent making memories and thank the Lord for watching over us and arriving home safe and sound.
There's no place like home!