Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lydia's Tooth

Lydia lost her first tooth on Monday night. It had been loose for a few weeks. Right before bedtime, she showed me how loose it was. It was pretty much horizontal when she wiggled it. I could see the root sticking out . It must have been hanging on by a teeny tiny piece of gum tissue. In the picture above she is inspecting it in the mirror.

She played around with it for about 30 minutes. She wanted to pull it by herself, but couldn't quite get the job done. Here she is with a tiny piece of paper towel to help her get a grip on the tooth. After all the dilly-dallying I decided to "help" her. I knew we would be up all night if we kept waiting on her to pull it. So I suggested that she let me help her put the paper towel on her tooth in just the right spot (all the while knowing if I ever got that close to the tooth, it was coming out)!

Enjoy the video below!!!!!

Nothing like some good Lydia DRAMA, huh?!?!?

Proudly showing off her tooth and her new smile :-)

I can always count on Lydia to give me a crazy pose! I must say the most drama was immediately after the tooth was pulled. I really thought she would be crying and hysterical during the whole process, but she did great! Now that we've been through the first loose tooth, maybe the next one will not be too bad.


Catherine said...

LOVED the video, pure Lydia!

Grandma said...

We love that girl! She's a special one for sure.