Friday, February 18, 2011

Feelin' the Love

Last weekend the girls and I did some Valentine's crafts. Here's one of our projects....a heart tree.

Madeline delivered Girl Scout cookies. She also worked at her troop's cookie booth at Carolina Pottery last Saturday. When I went to pick her up, the leaders said that she had been very diligent about keeping up with the cookie sales. She had made neat little tally marks on a sheet of paper. So everything was going well last weekend until this:

This is a note that Madeline put on the kitchen island Sunday night! Many of you may have seen this on facebook. Let's just say that mama was practicing some tough love. There were lots of tears and drama. Grandma came to the rescue and now all is well :-)

I found this cute idea online for homemade valentines and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Lydia and Margo gladly participated. Madeline was happy with her Wizards of Waverly Place valentines.

That night we had dinner in the dining room. I even pulled out the fine china. I used the dozen roses that David gave me for Valentine's Day as a centerpiece. Lydia was so excited about a candlelight dinner, soft music and fancy dishes that she put on an old ballet costume and "dressed up". She was practicing her best manners during dinner. She was so cute.

On Tuesday night David and I went to the Carolina -Wake Forest basketball game. We had a post Valentine's/pre birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at Southpoint. The food was good and the Heels won! Today is my 38th birthday and all my girls had cute things made for me this morning.

This is from Madeline. It's a coupon for breakfast in bed and babysitting Margo & Lydia and getting them ready! She wanted me to use it this morning, but we were rushing around trying to get ready for school and I had to get to the gym by 8:30 for a class. At the top of the coupon it says : Your a 38 year old. You zumba girl. I love this little coupon. Much better than the note about moving out!!!

Here is my beautiful butterfly card from Lydia. She worked so diligently on it last night and made sure I didn't see it....she was hiding it behind her back when she asked me if she could have an envelope. Today is also her teacher's birthday. She also made her the perfect birthday card!

And last but not least, a card from Margo. She had so many stickers on it that she had actually stickered shut the card! I had to take those off to open to card, only to find more stickers on the inside!

I have had a good day. The weather is gorgeous and Margo and I spent lots of time outside this morning. I have received so many birthday wishes on facebook. By noon I had received close to 100 birthday greetings. Every time I check my phone, I have another message or post from someone!

I think we will have a family birthday outing tonight. I am thankful for my many blessings, especially my family!

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Catherine said...

Enjoy your special day, you deserve it!