Thursday, February 03, 2011

Madeline's Photography

Madeline got a digital camera for Christmas and she has become quite the little shutterbug! I was looking at her pictures because I was going to post some from a recent Girl Scout event. When I started looking at all of the pictures, I thought it would be neat to share them with my blog followers. The above picture of Margo was taken at the mall in one of the pretend spaceships. I think this is pretty good photography for a third grader!

Cousin Brayden on Christmas day.

Not sure of the set up here....I'm guessing they're playing hospital.

One of the MANY pics of Annie that I found on her camera!

Madeline loves turning the camera on herself and doing a self-portrait. There were tons of these on her camera too. This one was at Marbles Museum with the Girl Scouts.

Madeline was right there like the paparazzi snapping away the night that Lydia lost her first tooth!

Brownie Troop 3614 at Marbles Museum Sleepover a few weeks ago.

Their troop slept in the hockey rink. Madeline said the floor was hard, but they still had fun.

puppies at the museum

Madeline with her good friend, Reagan.

$$$$.....This doesn't surprise me that she took a picture of a dollar. Madeline is a saver and very financially conscious!

Her Lincoln Logs creation :-)

Cousin Caroline on New Year's Eve. It's a little hard to see, but she's holding a lizard in this pic!

Margo at Build-A-Bear...notice the guy in line smiling for the pic too!

Lanie, Madeline's American Girl doll

Annie, Lydia, Mommy, & Margo

Loving Family dollhouse

snow the day after Christmas 2010

The End!
Hope you enjoyed her pictures.


Grandma said...

I wonder where she gets her shutterbug tendencies from.?.? She's just getting too grown up.

Catherine said...

I think Caroline is following in her footsteps, she loves to take some pictures too!

canvas prints said...

i just got to say the photos look great. nice shots.