Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Day that Changed Everything

Nine years ago today David and I became parents. We welcomed little Madeline Paige into the world. We were thrilled and so in love with our little girl. It was a surreal experience.

She was the first grandchild on both sides, so they were just a wee bit infatuated with her :-)

Our whole world changed.....for the better!

She made me a mother :-)

We couldn't believe how fast the first year went by.

And before we knew it, she was a big sister! Here she is on her 2nd birthday with her 5 day old baby sister, Lydia. At the time, it seemed like Madeline was such a big girl when Lydia was born. Looking back, I realize that I really had two babies to take care of.

And a few years later, she was a big sister once again, when we welcomed Margo. This time she was more of a little mama. And she still is. She is so helpful with her sisters.

Thank you Madeline for nine wonderful years. We love you so much and are so proud of you. We look forward to many happy years to come and watching you grow and learn new things. You are helpful, sincere, honest, kind, talented, thoughtful, creative, thrifty, and have a memory like an elephant! These are just a few of your wonderful qualities. But most of all, you are our first baby. And that will never change!

Happy Birthday, my 7 lb, 15 oz baby girl!!!!
(That's a term of endearment that I use with Madeline all the time, especially when she lets me know that in X amount of years she will be driving, going to college, I just answer with, "I know, my 7lb, 15 oz. baby girl!")


Leslie said...

These past 9 nine years have flown by! We enjoyed celebrating with her today!

Grandma said...

She changed my life forever, too, and I have loved it. What a wonderful girl she is.

Positive Thoughts said...

See the power of positive thoughts within you.

Team Harris said...

I love are a beautiful mommy!