Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday :: More M&L

I thought maybe this old pic of the girls in front of the Old Well would bring the Heels some good luck this weekend in the ACC Tournament and in the NCAA Tourney. This was taken shortly after the Heels won the National Championship in 2005. Madeline was three and Lydia was one.

Playing outside. That Little Tikes coupe has stood the test of time! It was a hand-me-down when we got it and Margo still plays with it now.

Just a few weeks before Madeline's 3rd birthday.....she knocked out her top front tooth on the playground at MMO. When her teacher called me to tell me she had an accident, I thought she meant pee-pee in the pants, not a lost tooth! Talk about my heart racing....I couldn't get to my baby fast enough! As you can tell from the picture, she was fine!

Lydia in the kitchen cabinets. This was probably our sign that she would continue to drag out stuff for years to come and not put it back!

The graduate. Madeline finishes MMO and is ready for preschool!

Lydia at the pumpkin patch.

Tired babies after a HOT day on the boat. July 4, 2005.


Grandma said...

Precious times with precious girls.

Catherine said...

Great pictures, caroline has enjoyed looking at them too!