Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hApPy BirTHdaY LYDI-BUG!!!!!

Lydia is SEVEN today!!!! And she is one happy girl. She has been so excited about her birthday for weeks now. She asked for a bigger bike and she got one!
She even got to take it for a quick spin down the driveway before schoool this morning. David took the girls to school this morning and when he returned he said he had a feeling that the entire school would know that it's her birthday today!!
This girl always keeps us on our toes and she cracks us up with the stuff she says and does. She loves life to the fullest and I love that about her!
Now, if I could just figure out where the last seven years have gone......
Wasn't she a cutie patootie?
On her first birthday.

Dressing up...this started at an early age and she still loves to dress up!

Ooohhh, I think she's up to something!
Happy Birthday Lydia. We love you!!!!

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Grandma said...

And her Grandma loves her bunches and bunches, too! She is one interesting child . . .