Monday, April 11, 2011

Catching Up

This post was inadvertently deleted last night while I was blogging from our laptop. I'm still not exactly sure what happened. I wasn't happy about it......especially since I had uploaded 20 pictures. Anyway, I just closed the laptop and re-did the whole thing today. I hope you like this post, because it has a lot of pictures that I've been meaning to post.

I think I posted this on my 365 project :: Lydia channeling her inner Mary Poppins! Speaking of the 365 project, I was so glad that I was keeping up with it and then, boom! April 1st...I forgot to take a picture. This was not a April Fool's joke. And then, April 9th....same thing. So I hate that I missed those days, but I'm going to trudge through.

In late February we took the girls on a family outing to the Roller Rink. It was actually my first time roller skating. We did not have skating rinks in Jamesville (where I grew up). Let's just say that David had his work cut out for him that night making sure all of us girls were not wiping out. Madeline and Lydia were pretty wobbly, but I think with some practice they might get the hang of it. I think I could benefit from some type of lessons. David was happy to show off his 7th grade rollerskating skills.

Even Margo got her own pair of toddler skates. Notice I'm helping her in my sock feet!

The first Saturday in March the girls and I took a nice bike ride on the Greenway while David was working.

They rode the entire six miles with no whining. I even managed to fix Madeline's chain that popped off.
I think Margo had the best seat for this bike ride....taking it easy. We did treat ourselves to a snow cone after our bike ride. Since this ride, we've been back with David and with Lydia's newer and bigger bike that she got for her birthday. We hope to get in a few more rides before the summer heat hits.

The first Sunday in March was Girl Scout Sunday at our church. Madeline had to read a fairly long passage of scripture and did very well.

Margo graduated to a Big Girl Bed!! She started climbing out of her crib, so we took that down and gave her a big girl bed and she loves it! It was bittersweet taking down the crib for the last time. I made the headboard with some plywood, foam, and fabric after researching some DIY blogs.

We had a PEACE party play date on the Friday night between Lydia and Madeline's birthdays. We invited some of the girls' close friends for pizza, cupcakes and outside play. The weather was perfect that evening and they had fun. They loved playing on their new trampoline.

Some of the girls giving the peace sign.

One thing that Madeline had asked for for her birthday was to visit the Ava Gardner museum. So that's where we went on a recent teacher workday. Margo went to MMO and Madeline and Lydia and I spent a little over an hour there. I think they liked it, especially when they realized that we have family ties to Ava Gardner!

The girls have been loving their new trampoline....especially Margo. She loves to get her alone time jumping while the girls are in school. She has totally mastered getting in and out of it, zipping the netting, etc... Miss Independent!

With the warmer weather, we have been spending lots of time outdoors and the girls are really into hula hooping now.

Madeline's Brownie Troop participated in the Girl Scout Jamboree at Camp Mary Atkinson a few weeks ago. Here are some of the girls getting orders from their troop leader.

I spent an 8 hour shift with these girls. They had a great time!

Madeline with Carrie and Reagan, her tent mates for the night!

Last week was spirit week at the girls' school. And what did Lydia dress up as for career day? A MOVIE STAR! That's right. She told me she was going to be a famous Hollywood movie star and walk the red carpet! This child loves to dress up. Just tonight at dinner she was dressed up in an old dance costume with a flapper headpiece....
Madeline dressed up as a nurse. I think mostly because I agreed to let her take a syringe to school. She loved pretending she was giving her classmates shots!

Well that's it for my catch up post for what's been going on over the past month and a half. Spring Break's coming and I've got my paintbrush out. Stay tuned....

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I loved this post! Such precious girls, such fun times.