Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance Recital & Piano Guild 2011

Last Saturday was a busy day for us. The girls had their piano guild and dance recital that day.

Here's Madeline striking a pose. It's hard to believe that she's been taking dance lessons for five years.

Miss Lydia

This year the girls took a Hip Hop Jazz & Cheer-Funk Tumbling Class. Try saying that fast several times ;). They loved it and did great!

I was able to snap some pics during the dress rehearsal. I have some video footage but need to get it off our camcorder. Lydia was nervous about her cartwheels, but did just fine!

Bustin' a move....

M & L on stage

With their friend, Karlee. Lydia and Karlee share the same birthday and have been in the same dance classes since they were three!

Earlier that morning, the girls participated in the 2011 Piano Guild. Piano and music teachers from the Johnston County area rate piano students on their performances. The girls did great! Madeline was a little nervous over this a few weeks ago because she thought she couldn't use her sheet music. She was able to use her music and was very relieved. Last year Madeline missed the guild because it was at the same time as her dance recital.

Lydia got a superior rating. This was great since she is a 1st year piano student. She loves piano and was thrilled to get her trophy!

Here they are posing with their certificates and trophies. I'm a little sad that Madeline has chosen not to continue with piano after this year's summer recital. She says she likes violin better, so she's gonna focus on that. Hopefully she'll still tickle the ivories from time to time. We're so proud of our girls and all their recent achievements.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Open House at Camp Don Lee

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at Camp Don Lee for open house. This summer will be Madeline's second time as a camper there. Last year she did the starter camp and this year she will be staying for a week. Her friend Mary Margaret is going to join her! Madeline is very excited. Mary Margaret had been on the fence about attending camp, but after visiting on Sunday, she was sold!
The girls got to do all sorts of fun camp activities. They loved swimming in the CDL pool!

It was a beautiful day and there was great wind for sailing. Here's a picture of the pool with some new decorative flags. The girls enjoyed the rope swing and the diving boards.

We all got to go for a short sail. This was the first time for the Coats girls. I saw some wide-eyed girls a few times when we were heeling, but overall they enjoyed it. David also took the girls on a sunfish.

The Grimes girls and the Coats girls....all just a few months apart in age. I think Madeline and Mary Margaret will have a great time this summer. Maybe the other girls will follow in their footstep in the years to come.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Strings Concert

Madeline has been taking violin lessons at school since September. Last night she and and few of her classmates showed off their skills along with some other 3rd-5th graders.

They did very well. It was nice to hear them all playing together. I've only been able to hear Madeline's part over the past several months. With all of them playing, it actually sounded like a song! There wasn't too much squeaking going on and I think for beginners, they did great!

Madeline's violin teacher, Mrs. Olah, Madeline & her best bud, Reagan

Taking a bow

The group from Mrs. Swain's class: Madeline, Reagan, Aubrey and Luke. Sloan was absent last night :(

With Mrs. Olah

Madeline really seems to enjoy violin. Maybe we'll have a future Alison Krauss on our hands. I think it will take a few more years of practice, though ;)

Here's a short clip of the performance last night:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Break, Mother's Day and Everything In Between....

The past few weeks have been fairly busy around here, and I know it's just going to get busier with end-of-the-year activities coming up. Over Spring Break we went to the Great Wolf Lodge. The girls had a great time. Here we are just before leaving GWL, posing with Violet, their mascot.

We have been enjoying the warm weather and spending lots of time outside. Annie has enjoyed the nice weather too. One of her favorite things to do is chase squirrels. There's one in that tree that she has her eye on!

David and I went to our first ever Jimmy Buffett concert on April 19th. We were actually able to do some tailgating with friends that afternoon before the concert, thanks to the three babysitters we had lined up to work in shifts!

David sporting the cheeseburger hat. With Dori & Ron....they've been our concert buddies for the past few concerts.

The girls at Great Wolf Lodge with Merin (our friend Valerie's baby).

Standing outside by the Great Big Wolf!

Easter Morning....the girls checking out their goodies from the Easter Bunny

That afternoon the girls had a little egg hunt at my parents' house that their PaPa did for them.

The girls with PaPa. Look how tall Madeline is...right up to PaPa's shoulder. And Lydia isn't far behind.

On April 30th, we participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies in Wilmington in honor of our niece Avery. Here's team averytinyblessing.

Last week our church had a talent show and Madeline participated by doing a science experiment. She blew up a balloon without using her mouth. She used baking soda and vinegar. Here she is with her assistant, Alyssa, telling the audience what is going on.

Lydia played Funny Bunny on the piano. She did great. Couldn't sit still, but did great!

Just before the talent show, Lydia lost a tooth....her second. She was so excited and even took it to church that evening for everyone to see. We have a special bunny with a pocket that is the tooth fairy bunny. Lydia proudly carried that bunny around at church and placed it under her pillow that night. Well, Thursday morning, the bunny and tooth were still under her pillow!!! BIG UH-OH!!!!! I think the tooth fairy redeemed herself because the next morning, Lydia had a letter explaining what had happened and two gold $1 coins. Click on the pic above to enlarge it and read what the tooth fairy wrote.

The girls participated in the What's that Yam Thing contest for the Ham & Yam festival. Lydia's is Mrs. Yam from Hawaii, Madeline's is Dally the dalmation and Margo's is Blue Bunny (Margo painted the yam blue and I added the other stuff). The girls didn't place in the contest but still enjoyed making them and got a ribbon for participating and a free movie pass.

David had to work last weekend so I took the girls to the Ham & Yam festival. The weather was great! Here's Margo feeding the goats.


The girls loved these cut-outs!

Margo's turn!

With my favorite girls on Mother's Day. Can you believe they cooperated for this picture with the tripod and timer and we got this on the first try?? Score!

And last, but certainly not least.....Margo is potty trained!! Woo-hoo! This picture was taken back in January when she was not so consistent about using the potty. I'm not sure what Annie was doing....moral support or perhaps Margo had a cookie in her hand?!? Anyway she's gone about a week now with no accidents, has started wearing panties to school, and has been using the potty in public at places like the gym, restaurants and even a porta-potty at the Ham & Yam festival (I know, yuck!). She has been by far the easiest of the three to train because I've pretty much done nothing! I guess I owe the thanks to Madeline because she started working with her a long time ago and Margo would go, but not consistently. I just wasn't sweating it and then within the last few weeks, she just showed more interest and started telling us when she had to go and voila'..... So I guess I'll be returning an unopened box of Pampers to Wally World!