Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance Recital & Piano Guild 2011

Last Saturday was a busy day for us. The girls had their piano guild and dance recital that day.

Here's Madeline striking a pose. It's hard to believe that she's been taking dance lessons for five years.

Miss Lydia

This year the girls took a Hip Hop Jazz & Cheer-Funk Tumbling Class. Try saying that fast several times ;). They loved it and did great!

I was able to snap some pics during the dress rehearsal. I have some video footage but need to get it off our camcorder. Lydia was nervous about her cartwheels, but did just fine!

Bustin' a move....

M & L on stage

With their friend, Karlee. Lydia and Karlee share the same birthday and have been in the same dance classes since they were three!

Earlier that morning, the girls participated in the 2011 Piano Guild. Piano and music teachers from the Johnston County area rate piano students on their performances. The girls did great! Madeline was a little nervous over this a few weeks ago because she thought she couldn't use her sheet music. She was able to use her music and was very relieved. Last year Madeline missed the guild because it was at the same time as her dance recital.

Lydia got a superior rating. This was great since she is a 1st year piano student. She loves piano and was thrilled to get her trophy!

Here they are posing with their certificates and trophies. I'm a little sad that Madeline has chosen not to continue with piano after this year's summer recital. She says she likes violin better, so she's gonna focus on that. Hopefully she'll still tickle the ivories from time to time. We're so proud of our girls and all their recent achievements.

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Grandma said...

What busy girls you have! Grandpa and I are so proud of all their accomplishments and love them so much.