Friday, May 20, 2011

Open House at Camp Don Lee

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at Camp Don Lee for open house. This summer will be Madeline's second time as a camper there. Last year she did the starter camp and this year she will be staying for a week. Her friend Mary Margaret is going to join her! Madeline is very excited. Mary Margaret had been on the fence about attending camp, but after visiting on Sunday, she was sold!
The girls got to do all sorts of fun camp activities. They loved swimming in the CDL pool!

It was a beautiful day and there was great wind for sailing. Here's a picture of the pool with some new decorative flags. The girls enjoyed the rope swing and the diving boards.

We all got to go for a short sail. This was the first time for the Coats girls. I saw some wide-eyed girls a few times when we were heeling, but overall they enjoyed it. David also took the girls on a sunfish.

The Grimes girls and the Coats girls....all just a few months apart in age. I think Madeline and Mary Margaret will have a great time this summer. Maybe the other girls will follow in their footstep in the years to come.


Grandma said...

I hope they have a good time. Madeline should feel like she owns the camp after a few years. I wish I could go, too!

Catherine said...

Looks like fun, I'm glad Madeline is going back to camp this year. Hopefully no snakes will join them in the pool!