Friday, May 13, 2011

Strings Concert

Madeline has been taking violin lessons at school since September. Last night she and and few of her classmates showed off their skills along with some other 3rd-5th graders.

They did very well. It was nice to hear them all playing together. I've only been able to hear Madeline's part over the past several months. With all of them playing, it actually sounded like a song! There wasn't too much squeaking going on and I think for beginners, they did great!

Madeline's violin teacher, Mrs. Olah, Madeline & her best bud, Reagan

Taking a bow

The group from Mrs. Swain's class: Madeline, Reagan, Aubrey and Luke. Sloan was absent last night :(

With Mrs. Olah

Madeline really seems to enjoy violin. Maybe we'll have a future Alison Krauss on our hands. I think it will take a few more years of practice, though ;)

Here's a short clip of the performance last night:

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