Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Three Years Ago Today......

...we welcomed our 3rd baby girl into the world! There she is a whopping 9 lbs. 1oz (well, 0.6 ounces rounded up to one ounce!). Trust me, I felt that ounce!

Here we of five! Our first family photo with Margo. David is definitely King of the Castle with all these girls :-)

Wow, what happened to my little baby girl??

Here she is at 3 months.

Her first Halloween :-)

1 year old

Getting really good at feeding herself and making a mess!

Helping Mama cook

She's got a personality as bright as her smile :-)

She no longer has her paci. She no longer rubs her belly button when she's tired. She no longer sleeps in a crib. She no longer wears diapers. She's going to start preschool soon. She's a big girl now!

Snow White is still her favorite princess and she's gonna have a Snow White Cake and birthday party!

Here's our three year-old! She opened one present before breakfast. We're about to head out for a day of fun.

Here are just a few things I want to remember about Margo at three years old:

She says "free" for three.

She's very independent....can buckle and unbuckle herself from her carseat.

She loves her sissies and can hang with them in most any environment, especially jumping on the trampoline.She can be Miss Bossy Britches to her sisters, too!

She calls her sisters by their names mostly instead of Sissy and LaLa. In fact when she's really trying to get Lydia's attention, she says: Lydia Claire!

Her favorite shows are still Barney, Dora and Curious George.

She continues to talk non-stop and her vocabulary is growing. She likes to use words like actually!

She is obsessed with band-aids....treats them like stickers and can somehow always find a boo-boo on herself that requires a band-aid.

She loves to swing. I think she could swing all day!

She can belt out the verse to Taylor Swift's Mean.

She's still her mama's girl :-) And when I ask her if she's mama's girl or daddy's girl, she'll say, "I'm mama's girl (guhl) and daddy's boy!"

Last but not least, she's a mess!!!! And we love her :-)

Here's a quick video of her singing Happy Birthday to herself. Enjoy!


Grandma said...

Grandma and Grandpa love her,too. I 'specially love those moments when she slips up and says she is Grandma's girl!

Catherine said...