Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Day of School 2011

This morning I took our 4th grader and 2nd grader to school! It was a short summer break, but we packed a lot in. Let's just say that Mama was just a wee bit happy that school was starting back!

Madeline doing the obligatory pose before we get to school. And, NO, I didn't get a picture of her with her (temporary) teacher. They are in the process of hiring another 4th grade teacher and Madeline is in that class. At least she wanted me to walk with her to her class :)

Lydia's always up for a photo. She was fussing this morning about this dress that SHE picked out a few weeks ago and just had to have. She was scared that somebody would make fun of her because it had a tie! She quickly changed her tune when I told her to just let me know if someone made fun of her. I think she looks darling in this dress. Plus, I saw another little girl wearing a similar dress.

Lydia with her 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Burnette.

After walking Madeline to her class, I walked back by Lydia's classroom and this is what I saw. This girl hardly ever sits. Her teacher last year said she stood alot while she worked. And she also stands during piano lessons! I thought she just couldn't sit down, but I've been informed that this is often seen with kinesthetic learners.

I had planned on doing a post about Madeline's week at Camp Don Lee and time sort of got away from me, so I'll just add it on here. We picked Madeline up from camp on Saturday morning. After the tummy ache earlier in the week, she had a little homesickness on Friday (the day before we were supposed to pick her up)! Luckily, she had a wonderful counselor and her homesickness was short-lived. She had a great time and was telling us about all sorts of funny things that happened, songs she learned, and her experiences sailing.

She was so glad to see Annie. Madeline told us on the way home that she did miss us, but she had been two whole weeks without seeing Annie and that made her homesick. I told her she was dogsick!

We took a quick walk on the pier before leaving. Madeline's group even spent one night on the pier. She said it wasn't too comfortable.

Lydia really missed Madeline. I never heard Madeline reciprocate those feelings, but anyway she did allow Lydia to see some of her things that she had made and then we helped her pack up.

Madeline and Mary Margaret with some of their cabin mates. Madeline was telling us funny stories about some of the things these girls said and did! She also said that they were all really sweet to her when she wasn't feeling well :)

Madeline was so happy to have Mary Margaret there with her. They both had a great time! They had a HOT week to be at camp, so I know they were happy to get some good 'ole AC when they got home.

Madeline took this picture with her camera while she was at camp.

Little Mama finally reunited with her baby sister. I thought it was sweet that during the 'homesick' phone call, Madeline asked to speak to Margo. Margo told me at one point during the week that she wanted me to go get her sissy.

David always gets very nostalgic at Camp Don Lee. Thought this was a cute pic of him and Margo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life's A Beach.....

....well, at least it was for us last week! We spent the week at Pine Knoll Shores and had a very nice relaxing family vacation. No schedules, no work, no school. Our biggest decisions were beach or pool and where to eat!

We had lots of ice cream treats! Here are the girls on the Beaufort waterfront enjoying some ice cream.

Lydia chillaxin' at the pool.

Madeline and Margo enjoying pool time too.

We loved going to our favorite restaurants at the beach. The girls enjoyed s'mores for dessert at Amos Mosquito's.

There was one day that was terribly hot and muggy. We tried to do lots of indoor activities that day, including visiting the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium. That's always a big hit with the girls.

On Friday of last week we met up with our friends, the Westbrooks, and spent the day on a beach near Cape Lookout. It was a gorgeous day! After the beach, we motored over to the lighthouse. We just did miss the last tour for the day, but were still able to walk around and get some pictures.

David and his little ladies! We love Beaufort and went there a few times for dinner, ice cream, fudge and just to walk along the waterfront. David even got up early Saturday morning and ran a 10K in the Beaufort Road Race!

We got in lots of beach time! Margo LOVED the beach. This year David and I each were able to read a book while at the beach! That's an accomplishment (for me, at least!). The girls were very content to just build sand castles, dig in the sand and wade in the water. They pretty much entertained themselves!

Margo's silhouette as the sun was setting one evening. I took this picture on the observation deck near our condo.

Madeline coming up out of the sand after being buried. Madeline loved boogie boarding, but got a pretty bad abrasion from some sea shells first thing on our second day there. She was tough though and was back in the water after it had time to heal a bit!

We loved walking on the beach in the evenings! Margo was a wild child.....running all over the beach!

cheeeeese :)

Of course I had to do my yearly photos with the girls. I can't get over how much Lydia has grown! She is almost as tall as Madeline. It was very challenging (to say the least) trying to get good pictures with Margo all over the place. She did not want to sit still at all! One of the best pics I got is now the header for the blog.

This one came out blurry, but I still thought it was cute! It was a great week and it went by way too fast. I am going to try to upload more of our beach pics to flickr, so keep an eye out for those to pop up over on the sidebar!

As soon as we checked out of our condo, we met up with the Coats family for lunch and then took our girls to Camp Don Lee!

Here are Madeline and Mary Margaret heading to their cabin! (And no...this picture is not posed! They were so excited and were holding hands walking together).

And here's our happy camper! This child has been SO excited about going back to Camp Don Lee this summer and having Mary Margaret go with her!

Unfortunately, Madeline has had a little tummy ache last night and today and we've received a couple of phone calls. We're hoping its not a virus and will go away! I know how much she has looked forward to camp this year and would hate for her to have to leave early. But I don't want my baby to be miserable either. Please keep her (and her mama) in your prayers! I think I have jumped every time the phone has rung today!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Margo's Snow White Party

On Saturday we had Margo's birthday party.....a Snow White Party!!!! Here is the cake I made for the occasion. This was my first time making a doll cake. It was actually pretty easy. Thanks to the internet, I was able to get all sorts of cute ideas for the cake and the party.

Margo wore her Snow White dress for the entire party. I was surprised that she kept it on the whole time becasue it was HOT!!!

Here's Snow White posing with her party decorations prior to the guests arriving.

sweet girl :)

She had lots of her little friends come to the party. Here they are enjoying some pizza.

After pizza, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake. Here she is blowing out her candles.

Next up: presents! She got lots of cute things and fun toys.

The kids then headed outside for fun and games. This was Doc's Dig, where the kids could dig for treasure in the sand. Lydia decided to dress up as her own version of Doc (using an old elf hat and pirate costume) and supervise.

The trampoline was a big hit! It was also known as Happy's Hopping House!

We had a station set up for painting birdhouses and they all seemed to really love this activity. You know toddlers LOVE PAINT!!!!

I got this idea online....Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I had window markers for the children to write on the mirrors.

I think our three year-old princess had fun at her Snow White party. All the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. You can see her sweaty head in this pic. Again, it was HOT and that was around 7 or 8pm. It would have been unbearable had we had the party mid afternoon.

After the party we went to see the fireworks downtown. On the way home we were talking with Margo about her big day and her party. When we asked her if she had a good time, she said, "Yes. Thank You!" I'll take that :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fun on the Fourth

We had a busy Fourth of July weekend! We started out by celebrating Margo's 3rd birthday with a Snow White party at our house on Saturday evening. That was followed up by our town's fireworks display. (I hope to do a post on Margo's birthday happenings soon.) On Sunday we went to church. Madeline was acolyte and then she, Lydia, Margo, cousin Caroline and I arranged flowers from the altar to deliver to nursing home residents. Sweet cousin Avery also made her first appearance in our church's nursery :) We had lunch at Grandma's and spent the afternoon visiting.

On Monday we participated in our neighborhood 4th of July parade. Here are the cousins lined up and ready to go: Caroline, Madeline, Margo and Lydia

There were lots of friends and neighbors who showed up for the parade. Here's Madeline with her friend Aubrey.

Lydia with her friend Anna and their first grade teacher, Mrs. C. They were so happy to see Mrs. C and her little baby, Reaves.

The firetruck led the way and the kids were right behind it. They did a great job keeping up.

Grandma and Avery were spectators from Grandma & Grandpa's front yard. Madeline rushed over to see little Miss Avery.

Margo enjoys an icee pop after the parade. The Ashley family hosts this parade each year and has nice refreshments afterwards and it is a good time for everyone to cool off and mingle.

Avery joined us after the parade. Look how much she's grown. She is the sweetest baby. All you have to do is talk to her and she will flash a huge smile :)

Aunt Catherine with her two girls. Last year at this parade was when we found out that Catherine was pregnant with baby #2 (Avery). She had Caroline dressed in a cute patriotic shirt that said Big Sister to Be. As you can tell, Caroline loves her baby sister.

David worked yesterday, so he missed the parade. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and made homemade ice cream. After dinner I snapped some pics of the girls and then we took a family bike ride.

Here's sweet Annie getting some lovin' from Madeline during pictures.

Margo in her red white and blue.

To finish off the evening, we did sparklers. The girls loved this! Hope you all had a happy holiday.

God Bless the USA!!!!