Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Day of School 2011

This morning I took our 4th grader and 2nd grader to school! It was a short summer break, but we packed a lot in. Let's just say that Mama was just a wee bit happy that school was starting back!

Madeline doing the obligatory pose before we get to school. And, NO, I didn't get a picture of her with her (temporary) teacher. They are in the process of hiring another 4th grade teacher and Madeline is in that class. At least she wanted me to walk with her to her class :)

Lydia's always up for a photo. She was fussing this morning about this dress that SHE picked out a few weeks ago and just had to have. She was scared that somebody would make fun of her because it had a tie! She quickly changed her tune when I told her to just let me know if someone made fun of her. I think she looks darling in this dress. Plus, I saw another little girl wearing a similar dress.

Lydia with her 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Burnette.

After walking Madeline to her class, I walked back by Lydia's classroom and this is what I saw. This girl hardly ever sits. Her teacher last year said she stood alot while she worked. And she also stands during piano lessons! I thought she just couldn't sit down, but I've been informed that this is often seen with kinesthetic learners.

I had planned on doing a post about Madeline's week at Camp Don Lee and time sort of got away from me, so I'll just add it on here. We picked Madeline up from camp on Saturday morning. After the tummy ache earlier in the week, she had a little homesickness on Friday (the day before we were supposed to pick her up)! Luckily, she had a wonderful counselor and her homesickness was short-lived. She had a great time and was telling us about all sorts of funny things that happened, songs she learned, and her experiences sailing.

She was so glad to see Annie. Madeline told us on the way home that she did miss us, but she had been two whole weeks without seeing Annie and that made her homesick. I told her she was dogsick!

We took a quick walk on the pier before leaving. Madeline's group even spent one night on the pier. She said it wasn't too comfortable.

Lydia really missed Madeline. I never heard Madeline reciprocate those feelings, but anyway she did allow Lydia to see some of her things that she had made and then we helped her pack up.

Madeline and Mary Margaret with some of their cabin mates. Madeline was telling us funny stories about some of the things these girls said and did! She also said that they were all really sweet to her when she wasn't feeling well :)

Madeline was so happy to have Mary Margaret there with her. They both had a great time! They had a HOT week to be at camp, so I know they were happy to get some good 'ole AC when they got home.

Madeline took this picture with her camera while she was at camp.

Little Mama finally reunited with her baby sister. I thought it was sweet that during the 'homesick' phone call, Madeline asked to speak to Margo. Margo told me at one point during the week that she wanted me to go get her sissy.

David always gets very nostalgic at Camp Don Lee. Thought this was a cute pic of him and Margo.

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Grandma said...

Oh, I hope both my big girls end up having a good year at school--they are just sooo special to me. With any luck, Madeline will be a career camper like her daddy. I'm glad she had a good time.