Thursday, September 01, 2011

Baby Girl is a Big Girl

Little Miss Margo is really becoming a big girl. She is going to start preschool next week. She is very excited about it and has been telling me "there's my preschool" every time we drive by it. She has a new princess lunchbox and a few new outfits. She's ready. It's hard to believe that she's old enough to go to preschool, but I'm looking forward to this stage in her life. I took these pictures yesterday afternoon before we went to her preschool orientation. And she actually cooperated for our little photo shoot.

She is one spunky little girl :)

And sassy too.....

On Monday of this week, she had her very first dance lesson!

She loved it. Here she is with her teacher, Miss Brooke, getting some pointers.

Aren't they cute? It seems like it was not too long ago that Madeline & Lydia were starting their very first dance classes.

Getting ready to do a forward roll. After each girl finished, they raised their hands and said, "TA-DAH!!!!"

Margo had her very last day of Mother's Morning Out a couple of weeks ago. MMO has been a lifesaver for me. She has made some great friends and learned a lot! Some of her friends will be joining her at her preschool. It was sort of bittersweet having our third child complete that program. She's growing up. I gave each of her teachers some flowers with a flower pick that said, "Thank You for helping Margo BLOOM". I think that said it all, because they were great with her and have done a great job of preparing her for preschool.

One of her teachers took these pics on the last day. She said that Margo kept pulling her crown over her eyes and was saying, "Who turned off the lights?" Silly girl!

Snack time with sweet friends.

This picture was from earlier in the school year ( I think in the winter).

This was before heading to 'school' for the last time.

With Mrs. Paige and Ms. Kim, her wonderful teachers. They have been with her since she was 15 months old.

And with the summer MMO staff. Margo's expression is not at all reflective of how much she enjoyed MMO. She just wasn't into smiling at that point. You know how toddllers are.

One other milestone that Margo had was on Sunday when she went to Sunday School for the first time! In the picture above, mother Madeline is right there helping Margo as all the kids marched around the walls of Jericho at our Sunday School kickoff. It was kind of weird not taking Margo to the nursery. We are gonna miss Kelci and Amanda in the church nursery. We'll have to take Margo by to visit! After Sunday School, she went to big church, sat down front with her sisters (who fought over who got to sit beside her) for the children's sermon and then went to Children's Church. In a couple of weeks, she will start in the Cherub Choir. Lots of changes for our sweet, big, baby girl :))

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Grandma said...

The best thing about being a big girl is that she likes Grandma now--not quite as much a mama's girl! She's just wonderful, and I love her.