Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cupcakes by Madeline

Madeline has been asking me for several weeks to let her make cupcakes. She has helped me make them numerous times, but this time she was pretty much on her own. I was her backup help only. I actually did very little to help her.
She used a white cake mix which called for egg whites. She got some good practice cracking and separating eggs. Margo was right by her side, observing.

Adding in the ingredients


Placing the cupcake liners

Filling the liners

Time to go in the oven

Frosting the cooled cupcakes

I even taught her how to pipe some frosting on the cupcakes using a ziploc bag.

The finished product! Madeline did a great job!

Margo was happy to perform a taste test.

These were quite yummy and they didn't last very long around our house. I'm so proud of my little baker :)


Grandma said...

And I am so proud of my #1 granddaughter! Won't be long before she is preparing a four-course meal. Hope I am there to eat it.

Leslie said...

I'll be glad to be a taste tester for the next batch of cupcakes!