Friday, November 18, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert

Last night Madeline, Lydia and I went to our very first Taylor Swift concert!

We went with Kelly and her girls. Mary Margaret and Lauren didn't know we were going. They thought we were all just going out to dinner for a 'girls night out'. So M & L were happy to be in on the surprise!

Here they are....waiting for Taylor to come out.

There she is! We sat in the 3rd level, but actually had a really great view.

She put on a fantastic show. The set was gorgeous and she had all kinds of props, dancers, acrobats, etc.

So talented to be so young. She plays the guitar, piano, banjo and sings! And she interacted so well with the audience. She seems like a really nice girl :)

And there were lots of wardrobe changes.

The girls seemed to have a really good time. They were singing along to their favorite songs.

This was really neat when she 'flew' over the entire audience in this balcony.

It was a great show! Taylor sang for almost three hours. I now know why she recently got Entertainer of the Year. Boy, did she put on an entertaining show. The singing, dancing, acting, acrobatics, stage props.....Oh, and did I mention there were fireworks?!?! It was amazing. I hope I made some good memories for my girls. They hung in there even though it was a school night and we didn't get home until midnight.

I found out on facebook while at the concert that Scotty McCreery was backstage. And today on FB, I found out that so was Bruce Springsteen!

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