Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This morning Margo asked me if it was still "Valentime's Day".  I love the way her little three-year- old self pronounces it.  She has been so excited about Valentine's Day.  We had a good day yesterday.  The picture above is the one we used to make Margo's valentines this year.  We added a lollipop (in her hand) to each card.  They turned out really cute.
Lydia wanted to wear this sweater dress to school because it has hearts on it.  She looked so pretty.  I can't believe how grown up she looks in this picture.

Madeline and Annie sharing some Valentine love before school.

My three valentines :)

Margo and Lydia goofing around.

Kissing Cousins!!! HaHa. 

These two sure do love each other.  They played together yesterday and I snapped some pics of them loving on each other.

Brayden is very tolerant of Margo.  For over half of the photo shoot, she had him a headlock!

The girls love Valentine's Day.  They came home from school with lots of sweet treats.

Margo loved decorating the windows with these heart doilies.

Madeline was invited to gymnastics with a friend last night.  Margo and Lydia decided that we were going to have a 'fancy' Valentine's dinner.  They dressed up in old dance costumes and set the table with heart plates, napkins, candles, etc.

See how festive our table is!  We even listened to classical music, courtesy of Pandora.

Here are the sweet dinner hostesses.  They loved it!  Lydia almost had us eating in the dark!  She kept turning all the lights off.  I can tell she's gonna be a romantic!

Hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day!

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Leslie said...

What sweet Valentines you have! I LOVE the pictures of Brayden & Margo together. They are quite a pair..he sure does love her to pieces : )