Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Double Digits!

 Happy Birthday, Madeline!  She is 10 today!  Here she is just before heading to school this morning.

 First thing this morning:  opening a few cards and gifts to get the day started off to a good start.

And a birthday hug from baby sister :)

A fifty dollar bill!  She was super excited about this.  She is very money conscious and has saved quite a bit for her age.  This year she asked that we just give her money!  Definitely a sign that she's growing up.

This picture makes me laugh. Poor Lydia is still struggling with daylight savings time.  She was there in body for the early morning birthday celebration, but that was about it.  I'm sure she will be wide open tonight!

Birthday pancakes.  I bet she's wishing for more money.  Look how hard she's wishing.

Margo and I took the birthday girl some Mickey D's for lunch and some cookies to share with her class.  Her good friend, Reagan, sat with us at lunch.
I'm sure she'll be doing more of these today!  This child loves to do some cartwheeels!

She loves her Annie dog!  Each night she gives Annie lots of hugs and kisses before bed.

I love that they all still play together and that she is not too big to play with dolls (or at least not yet).
Grandpa posted on facebook about Madeline being a nurturer to her sisters and cousins.  That is so very true.  She is definitely a little mama :)

WOW! Where have the last 10 years gone?  Where is my 7lb, 15 oz baby girl?

There she is!  You know I couldn't do a birthday post without a baby picture.
Happy Birthday Madeline.  We love you!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lydia is EIGHT!!!!

Our beautiful Lydi-bug is EIGHT today! 
She woke up to decorations:  streamers, balloons, etc.

Opening her birthday card and a couple presents.

She got the Monster High doll she's been wanting.

Birthday waffles!

And a little birthday dancing....
If you know Lydia at all, you know she gets VERY excited about her birthday!  She's been telling everyone about her birthday. 

See those balloons behind her...there are eight of them and each one has $1 in it.  She gets to pop those tonight.  Another reason why I love pinterest :)  Found that idea there.

That's right....1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

I took in a birthday snack to school this morning.

And as requested....Zaxby's for lunch!  I'd say she's had a pretty great day thus far.  There will be more celebrating after school.

I hope she never loses her zest for life and her joy.  Oh how I love her and her unique personality. 

Couldn't do the post without a baby pic. Awwwww...
Isn't she adorable?

Happy Birthday Lydia!  We love you!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Pretties

 I saw this idea on Pinterest!  We tried it today and I think it turned out great!

Black and white, more serious pose....

 Next up:  some head shots!  The girls were wanting to have their pictures taken!

 Lydi-bug.  She got the silly giggles.  She's gonna turn EIGHT this week!

Miss Margo.  Love her little dimple :)

I couldn't leave out this pretty girl.  We love our Annie dog!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Meeting Connor

We have a new baby cousin & nephew!  Leslie, Greg and Brayden welcomed Connor on March 1st.

We went to visit them in the hospital late Friday afternoon.

 Margo wasn't too sure what to think of her baby cousin and wasn't as excited about holding him as I thought she would be.  We had to wake her up when we arrived at the hospital, so I think she was still a little sleepy.
 Lydia was happy to meet Connor!

And of course, Mother Madeline was beyond thrilled to hold him!  The oldest Grimes grandchild holding the youngest :)

Finally! Aunt Gina gets to hold him.

This was his second time meeting Uncle David.

Kissing that sweet little head.

So Sweet.

She had to love on him just one more time before we left.

We missed seeing big brother Brayden at the hospital.  We hear that he is VERY excited! 
Welcome to the world, Connor!