Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lydia is EIGHT!!!!

Our beautiful Lydi-bug is EIGHT today! 
She woke up to decorations:  streamers, balloons, etc.

Opening her birthday card and a couple presents.

She got the Monster High doll she's been wanting.

Birthday waffles!

And a little birthday dancing....
If you know Lydia at all, you know she gets VERY excited about her birthday!  She's been telling everyone about her birthday. 

See those balloons behind her...there are eight of them and each one has $1 in it.  She gets to pop those tonight.  Another reason why I love pinterest :)  Found that idea there.

That's right....1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

I took in a birthday snack to school this morning.

And as requested....Zaxby's for lunch!  I'd say she's had a pretty great day thus far.  There will be more celebrating after school.

I hope she never loses her zest for life and her joy.  Oh how I love her and her unique personality. 

Couldn't do the post without a baby pic. Awwwww...
Isn't she adorable?

Happy Birthday Lydia!  We love you!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lydia!

Grandma said...

And Grandma loves her, too! We loved the portion of her birthday we got to share. Can't wait for #9 to see if it is the "best birthday ever"!

Catherine said...

Happy belated birthday to Lydia! Hate that we didn't get to see you guys this weekend.