Sunday, March 04, 2012

Meeting Connor

We have a new baby cousin & nephew!  Leslie, Greg and Brayden welcomed Connor on March 1st.

We went to visit them in the hospital late Friday afternoon.

 Margo wasn't too sure what to think of her baby cousin and wasn't as excited about holding him as I thought she would be.  We had to wake her up when we arrived at the hospital, so I think she was still a little sleepy.
 Lydia was happy to meet Connor!

And of course, Mother Madeline was beyond thrilled to hold him!  The oldest Grimes grandchild holding the youngest :)

Finally! Aunt Gina gets to hold him.

This was his second time meeting Uncle David.

Kissing that sweet little head.

So Sweet.

She had to love on him just one more time before we left.

We missed seeing big brother Brayden at the hospital.  We hear that he is VERY excited! 
Welcome to the world, Connor!


Grandma said...

Yay, Connor!! I have the most wonderful family in the world--the best looking, too.

Leslie said...

Love all the pictures, especially the one of Brayden at the bottom. I'll need a copy! You beat me to updating my blog...hopefully I can do that soon!