Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sleepover Party

Madeline & Lydia had a sleepover party a few weeks ago to celebrate their recent birthdays.  Here is a pic of the cake I made for them.  I got the idea from pinterest.  It's a sheet cake with twinkies, and vanilla wafers for the bodies and faces of the girls.

My big girls :: 8 & 10 years old!
Pizza for dinner.

Playing outside

The girls

Just having fun!

Time to sing happy birthday

Presents!  M & L each got magic 8 Balls....wonder what they are asking it?
We did duct tape crafts.

Duct Tape flower

The girls put on a talent show.  Madeline & Alyssa did their clogging routine for everyone.  All the girls had some really entertaining performances!

Time to settle down for the night with the Muppets!

Breakfast on Saturday morning!
Still a little sleepy.  They all got at least seven hours of sleep...not too bad for a sleepover.

Hanging out asking the magic 8 ball questions!  Notice baby sister right in the midst of the action!
I think everyone had a great time.  I know Madeline and Lydia did!

Below are some pics from Madeline and Lydia's birthday celebrations on the evenings of their actual birthdays.  As always, they get to choose to eat dinner at a restaurant of their choosing and then we come home and open gifts and have cake!
Lydia's cake
Opening presents...see the excitement on her face.

Singing Happy Birthday!
Madeline's birthday cake.

Here she is opening the CD to the musical Wicked.  She also got tickets to go see Wicked in May.

Blowing out the candles on her cake.

March is always full of celebrating with Madeline and Lydia's birthdays so close together.  Next year, their baby cousin, Connor, will be celebrating his first birthday in March too!

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grandma said...

The sleepover really looks like a fun time! These sweet girls must have a great mom.