Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break & Easter 2012

We are finally back to a routine after a two week break from school and Easter.  Here's Miss Margo loving on her new lamb stuffed animal that the Easter Bunny left her.
The girls all ready for church on Easter Sunday.  I can't believe how much they are growing up!
Pretty Lydia
Me and the girls.  David had to work on Easter Sunday this year, so that's why he's not in the picture.
Madeline did NOT want me to take an individual picture of her :(

Another picture of the girls.

Early Easter morning...checking out what the Easter Bunny left.

Margo had an Easter egg hunt at preschool on March 26th.  Here's her class waiting for the hunt to begin!

And she's off....
Since M & L were out of school, they accompanied me to Margo's egg hunt and party.

Then later that week, we had another egg hunt at church.  Margo with some sweet friends.

Cousin Brayden checking out Margo's eggs. Poor guy...the ants got into his eggs.

Margo sang with the Cherub Choir at church on Palm Sunday.  They are such a cute bunch of kids.

The weather was great during Spring Break.  The girls got lots of time outside.  M&L are perfecting their trampoline skills in this picture.
Last week we went to Pullen Park.  It is so nice there, especially with the new renovations.  Margo loved the carousel.
And so did Merin!  This is my friend Valerie's little girl.  They spent a few days with us last week.
The girls loved the park.  And of course, Lydia had no problem making friends.  She jumped right up on this tire swing with these little boys.

Madeline climbing the rope maze.

And finally....Madeline & Lydia had figured out how to use the pogo stick.  They figured this out Sunday afternoon and were so thrilled with themselves!

See the excitement on their faces! 
It was a good Spring Break filled with fun & family!  We even squeezed a trip in to Jamesville and had a nice Easter dinner at Grandma's house.

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