Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy May Days!

OK, Finally!  I'm gonna catch up with what we've been doing in May since the month is quickly coming to an end.  Meet "Tator Swift"!  This is Madeline's yam creation that won 1st place in her age division for a person at the Ham & Yam Festival which was the first weekend in May! 

Lydia won 3rd place for "Hammah Montana".

And Margo won too!  We literally threw these ham creations together at the last minute.  Margo was still sick, but perked up long enough to paint her "Cinderella".  She may have had a little help on the face and hair from mommy.  Anyway, I was helping the girls with finishing touches at 5:45 Friday evening and they were due at 6:00!  We were all surprised that each girl WON!  They got cash prizes :)
Madeline clogged at the Ham & Yam festival with her clogging class.

She is one of the youngest in this class. They did a really good job and Madeline was very excited about her group being chosen to perform that day.

David & I took Madeline and Lydia to see Wicked on May 11th at the DPAC.  We had seen it a few years ago and loved it.  We thought that M & L would enjoy it since they are such huge Wizard of Oz fans.  They loved it!

Here's a picture of Margo's room before the switcheroo (that I mentioned in the last post).  Margo and Lydia are now roommates ( with a new room color) and Madeline has her OWN room!

Madeline picked out some bedding that matched the green walls.  She graduated from a twin to a full size bed!  She is loving her new room and so is Annie.
  Once I get all the finishing touches on the girls' rooms, I will do a post about that.
We spent Mother's Day at Camp Don Lee for Open House.  David took the girls sailing on the Hobie.

I stayed on the pier and took pictures.  Here they are passing by.  This was Margo's first Hobie experience.

Me and my sweet girls on Mother's Day.

Margo had her end of the year preschool program last week.  Another fine performance!

Margo & Brianna after the program.

Roomies! Margo still likes for me to read to her at night but has allowed Lydia to read to her some.

Margo's end of the year preschool party!

With her teacher, Mrs. Jackson.  It's hard to believe she has already completed her first year of preschool.  Next year at this time we will be getting ready for Kindergarten!  Oh, NO!!!!!
Friday is Margo's last day and her class is going to the splash park!  She is so excited.

Oh. My. Word.  I cannot believe how precious my baby girl is in her little ballet costume!  We took these pictures last week before heading to pictures at the studio.  I curled Margo's hair and gave her a little bit of lipstick and she was adorable!

Too Cute!!!!

Lydia in her ballet costume.
And my clogger! 
These pictures just make my heart swell. They have their dance recital this weekend and they are looking forward to it.  They have all worked very hard and the bigger girls have had lots of extra practices.  I know they will do great and I will be a proud mama :)


Grandma said...

And I am a proud grandma of these beautiful, talented, intelligent, and FUNNY girls. Love them to bits

Leslie said...

They look so beautiful & grown up in their costumes! I'm sure they'll do great tonight!

Catherine said...

I hope the girls put their yam winnings in their fat cat accounts! Can't wait to see their new rooms.