Sunday, May 06, 2012

Our Little Patient

We've had a sick little girl for the past several days.  Margo was the victim of a bad stomach bug.  She had fever and vomiting and was not getting any better after about three days of it.  She ended up in the WakeMed Children's ED on Thursday for some IV fluids.  She was so pitiful....

This is a picture of her sleeping in my arms at the Peds office while waiting for the doctor to see us earlier that day.  She was so lethargic!  She could barely hold her head up.   I had to wake her up for the doctor to assess her.  He sent us straight to the Children's ED.

Daddy came to be with his baby girl!  Once they got her IV fluids going, she started to perk up a little bit.

And she got some popsicles!  She had a total of three during her stay.  And they all stayed down! So thankful that she wasn't vomiting any more.  She had started vomiting all her medications prior to the doc/ED visit.

With mommy...making silly faces.  By the end of our stay in the ED, she was a completely different child.  She was talking (and if you know Margo, you know she loves to talk!) and giggling and just fascinated with the entire 'hospital' experience.  They did a great job of keeping everything kid-friendly and explaining things to her.  They called her IV a medicine straw. And the blood pressure cuff 'hugged' her arm.  She did really well during the IV insertion (of course she cried, but it was similar to crying with routine immunizations). She will tell you that they pinched her arm!

We were able to come home several hours later.  Here's our little patient standing by her "Welcome Home" sign her sisters made her.  (Thanks, Grandma for taking care of the big sisters!).  Margo was excited to tell her sisters all about her boo-boo  where the IV was and all about being in the hospital.  She was SO much better but still not 100%.

In fact, the next day we were still dealing with these kinds of temperatures!  Uggh....

We have almost any flavor and form of motrin & tylenol!

I am happy to report that we have not used ANY Motrin or Tylenol at all today for the first time since Tuesday morning! Yay!  I think our patient is on the mend :)))

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Catherine said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better! It's no fun having a sick little one. :(