Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Three Dancing Beauties!

We survived Dance Recital 2012!!! This was the first year that all three girls have been in dance.  They had their recital last Saturday night and all three did great!
Look at these girls striking a pose! 

My baby ballerina!

Showing off her passe'.

Giving her teddy bear a squeeze.  Her group danced to Elvis Presley's Teddy Bear.  They all did very well. 

Lydia posing in her ballet costume.

Sunny yellow, just like Lydia....a bright spot if our life :)

Such a pretty girl!  Her ballet dance was to the Beatles Here Comes the Sun.

Showing off her tap costume.

The tap number was to the Archies Sugar, Sugar.  Everyone looked like peppermint candy!
Lydia's group did great in both the tap and ballet numbers.

And last but not least, my clogging girl!

Madeline LOVES clogging.  She has really excelled in this class and is always clogging around the house.  In fact, some nights I have to tell her to quit clogging in the shower!

Madeline's group was the last group to perform before the finale number.  I told Madeline that was because they always save the best for last!  They did an awesome job!  They clogged to Rascal Flatts Life is a Highway.

Backstage after their performace:  Margo with her little friends Brianna and Dellaina.

Lydia with her friends Emma Grace and Anna Kate.

Madeline with friends Alyssa and Sofia.

After the show!  It was a LONG day and night.  We had rehearsals the morning of the recital, so by the end of the night, we were tired to say the least.  Margo hung in there and was a real trooper.  It looks like she's asleep in this picture, but her flowers are covering her face.  She just didn't have any more energy to sit up! HA!

So proud of my little dancers.  They did great and so did all the dancers that night. 
So now we get a nice summer break from dance.  And what does Lydia do?  She asked  me that very night if I would sign her up for gymnastics this summer?!?!? GAAHHHH
Well....she starts on Monday!  So much for the break ;)

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Grandma said...

I am so proud of all those girls who performed so beautifully . . . and continue to perform at home. They are my joy.