Saturday, July 07, 2012

Splish Splash & 4th of July

Margo had her birthday party last Saturday at the Splash Park.  It was so HOT that day.  I'm so glad we did not have her party outside.  I was worried that the frosting on her cake would melt just trying to transport it from home across town to the aquatics center.

Here is the cake I made for her party....Hello Kitty, of course :)

Blowing out the candles.  She couldn't get them blown out on the first try.  Lydia helped her and by "helped", I mean Lydia blew them out!  Margo got a strange look on her face like, "What just happened?"  Later that night at home, Margo had a meltdown about Lydia blowing out her candles.  We had to re-light four candles on her mostly eaten birthday cake, sing happy birthday again....the whole nine yards. Even after all that, I still had to dry some tears.  She said that she's going to blow out Lydia's candles on her next birthday!

Opening presents, surrounded by lots of sweet little people!

Party time!

They had a blast!

That is Chris, Brianna's daddy, that Lydia is using as a horse.  I think the kids loved using him as a jungle gym.

Margo even got her name in lights!  A special birthday greeting :-)

Margo had a great time at her party.  She is already planning next year's birthday party.

Here are the girls at our neighborhood 4th of July parade.  It was hot that day too!  David took the girls to the parade while I slept (I worked the night before).

Brayden and Margo on their bikes...pimped out in patriotic decor.

Madeline rode her Green Machine in the parade.

Margo on her bike.

Lydia and Anna.

We've been spending lots of time at the pool.  It's a good way to cool off with all the HOT summer days we are having.  Margo is getting more comfortable each and every day with her jumps, cannonballs, going down the slide, etc. We all went to the pool today and I decided to take some action shots of David and the girls.

Miss Margo jumping off the diving board without her floatie!  Daddy is right there to help her.

Jumping in!  She loves to jump in.  

David had to show off his skills!  Here he is doing a back flip.

Here he is diving.  Notice his perfect form.  I love taking all these action shots with my new camera!

Lydi-bug doing a fancy jump!

Margo also loves the slide!

Madeline's turn.  My big girl...she looks like a teenager here.

Stay cool, everyone!


Leslie said...

We enjoyed celebrating Margo's birthday & 4th of July with everyone. I was so proud of her for not melting down at the party about the candles....I had no idea she did that night!

Grandma said...

Yes, it has been H-O-T, but we have enjoyed birthdays and parades and cousins anyway. Love my grands.