Thursday, August 09, 2012

Back to School!

Well after a seven week whirlwind summer, the girls went back to school on Monday,July 30th!  They were ready and so was mama! 

Lydia is now a 3rd grader.

And Madeline is a 5th grader!  Hard to believe that this is her last year of elementary school.  I'm trying to not even think about that.
Of course, Margo and Annie had to get in the back to school picture!

Lydia's 3rd grade teacher is on maternity leave right now and will return after Labor Day.  Her substitue teacher is Mrs. Connet.  Lydia has had Mrs. Connet for some other classes in 1st and 2nd grades, so she was happy to see a familiar face as her temporary teacher.

After we dropped Lydia off in 3rd grade, Margo wanted to walk Madeline to her class.  Madeline was OK with that, so that's what we did.  I have a feeling that when Margo starts Kindergarten next year, she will have no problem finding her way around the school since she has been to so many meetings, parties, and events at SSE!

Madeline and her BFF Reagan.  They were excited that they were in the same homeroom!

Madeline with her teacher Mrs. Barnes at orientation night. She's family!  2nd cousin, twice removed or something like that.....anyway family's family, right?!?!?

Lydia with Mrs. Swain at orientation night. Madeline had a great 3rd grade year with Mrs. Swain.  She is a great teacher who makes learning fun.  I'm sure Lydia will love having her for her teacher.

Here's to a great 2012-13 school year for my big girls.

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grandma said...

My girls are gettin' too old. Won't be long before I have grown grandchildren. I hope they will still love their grandma.