Friday, August 31, 2012


Margo was referred to the eye doctor by her pediatrician at her four year-old well child check-up. When they did the eye test, she kept saying the shape of a house was a circle (on the very bottom line--the smallest shapes).  The pediatrician recommended getting her checked just to be sure.

Sure enough, she had trouble reading the tiny shapes at the eye doctor's office too.  The doctor said she has astigmatism.  He was able to tell this by a picture they had taken of her eye before he even had her read the chart! Technology!  He said he almost never gives four year-olds glasses, but there was a drastic difference with the glasses and he thought it would be beneficial for her since she will be in preschool and starting school next year.

She doesn't have to wear them all the time. He would like for us to get her used to them with reading, playing on the iPad, watching TV and at at preschool.  So right now we are working on getting her to wear them about an hour a day and then hopefully a little more when preschool starts.
She was pretty excited about them and probably put them on and took them off about 25 times each day!  The newness has worn off a little this week.  She hasn't worn them as much.  That's OK because the doctor told us not to force her to wear them.

Posing with Annie with her new specs!

And of course, she picked a pink and purple pair!  They're so tiny!
The pics below have nothing to do with glasses.  Just posting a couple pics from my photography practice since I'm already doing a blog post. 
I call this one 'Lady Lydia'.  She was dressed up one Sunday afternoon in a red dress, hat and gloves.

I just snapped this pic of Margo the other day.  She needed some pics to take in to preschool.  I went to Walmart that afternoon to pick up the pictures and the lady at the photo counter asked me if these were professional pictures!  I'll take that as a compliment!

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Grandma said...

Cute little girl with glasses! Lady Lydia ain't bad either. Is Madeline too big to pose?