Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Back to Preschool!

Today was Margo's first day of preschool.  This is her second and last year at First Presbyterian.  This year she gets to enjoy the brand new facility that was built last year while FPP ran their preschool program at another local church.

Sassafrass!  She has been ready for quite some time.  Mama's been ready too!  I must say it was bitersweet dropping her off this morning.....our last one to have a first day of preschool.

Walking into her classroom.  I'm proud of Margo for using Lydia's old (but in great shape) Max & Ruby backpack and not insisting on getting a new one.  She also had Lydia's old Hello Kitty lunch box inside her backpack. 

With her teacher and assistant teacher.

Her friend Addison will be in her class.  She and Margo will sit beside each other at the same table.

She jumped right in and started playing with the others.  There are also a few children in this year's class that were in her class last year.  When I picked her up she had a big grin on her face.  She told me all about her morning on the way home.

Then she had to snuggle up with Annie and tell her all about preschool.
I know she will have a great year!