Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Camping 2012

Two weeks ago we headed to the Virginia mountains for our annual fall camping trip.

We stayed at Grayson Highlands State Park.

In true Grimes fashion, we arrived after nightfall.  We have become pretty good at setting up the camper in the dark.  Actually, David did that by himself.  My job was to keep the girls quiet since some of our neighbors had already gone to sleep (it was around 9pm).  The girls were very excited, so I just kept them in the van so their squeals wouldn't wake everyone!

The leaves had already started to change colors, so everything was beautiful.

We arrived Thursday night.  We got up Friday morning and took Annie to a nearby kennel so we could ride our bikes on the Virginia Creeper trail.
Here we are just before starting our 17 mile journey!  Margo had the best ride in a little pull behind cart!  Friday was a gorgeous day and we are so glad we went then becuase Saturday was very overcast and gray.  Sunday was rainy (we had to take down the camper in the rain).  So we definitely picked the best day to ride our bikes on Friday.

It was an easy, gradual downhill ride.  Madeline and Lydia did great!

There were several stops along the way.  We even stopped and had lunch at a really good cafe.

We stopped about four times for breaks, leg stretches, snacks, lunch, etc.  Here are the girls in front of the Creeper Trail sign at one of the stops.  I'm so proud of Madeline and Lydia for doing this trail.  They hardly complained (which is HUGE)!  We all had sore bums towards the end of the ride.  This was one of the best family outings we have ever done and I would highly recommend it to other families.

Heading back to our campsite Friday evening....the sky was so pretty.
Annie loves to camp.  Annie just loves being with her family :)  She did great at the kennel while we did the bike ride.  But was she ever glad to see us!
As you can see, she is just a little bit spoiled!  HaHa!!!
Sitting at the table in the camper with Madeline having breakfast.

Back at camp on Saturday evening starting a fire and just hanging out.

The fire master!  Lydia got her dadddy's firebug gene.  That child was all about the campfire!

Madeline took this picture of us. 
Another great Grimes family camping trip in the books!

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Leslie said...

Beautiful pics! Would love to join you all camping sometime when Connor is a little older.