Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

I am surprising myself with updating the blog!  I am spending my Saturday(12/29) organizing and uploading pictures from the past several weeks. So I have scheduled a few blog posts for the next few days. 
Anyhoo....we had a wonderful Christmas.  As you can tell from the picture above, Santa came and he did not disappoint!

Madeline got a $100 bill!  And she has already put it in her Fat Cat account.  I hope she continues to be money conscious.  Dave Ramsey would be proud.

Annie right in the middle checking out everything.

Lydia with her new American Girl doll, Julie.

Lydia loves Littlest Pet Shop.  She got lots of LPS stuff this year.

Margo with her AG doll, Kit Kittredge.  Notice Margo wasted no time changing shoes and putting cowgirl boots on Kit.

Annie with her new stuffed toy.

After checking out all their toys from Santa and unwrapping presents, David and I had one last (BIG) present for them.  I had the girls open one last gift bag together.  Inside were three bandannas for them to be blindfolded with.  They had to walk blindfolded into the playroom to find their gift.

Here they are right after they took off their blindfolds.  Yes, they got a dollhouse for their American Girl dolls!

It was built with lots and lots of love by their Daddy.  I'm so proud of David for doing this.  I showed him a picture of a similar house (from Pinterest) on Thanksgiving day.  He was up to the challenge and spent several hours over at Grandma and Grandpa's shed working on it.  I was in charge of interior design.  I painted and wallpapered (with scrapbook paper) the walls and arranged furniture.

We were up until 3am Christmas morning assembling, moving, and perfecting this house.  David was scared he was going to wake the girls nailing on the roof.  But he didn't.

I even made their AG dolls Christmas dresses and had them all grouped together in a room as to say, "Merry Christmas!"
The dollhouse was a huge hit and they have been playing with it and their dolls almost nonstop.  David jokingly told Madeline the other day that she needs to play with it everyday until she is 20 years old!  It was indeed a labor of love but totally worth if after seeing their reaction!

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