Sunday, December 30, 2012

Piano Recital & Christmas Musical

Lydia had her Christmas piano recital on December 15th. She played Deck the Halls and she knew that song backwards and forwards!  She had a little difficulty with it when she first started playing it after Thanksgiving.  Once she mastered the left hand, there was no stopping her.  She practiced and practiced and loved playing it at home, church, grandma's house....anywhere there was a piano.
 She was also happy to wear her favorite dress.  I think she wore this dress almost every Sunday in December!
Here are all of the students who take piano lessons from Mr. Buddy.
 Here's a video (taken by Madeline on my phone) of Lydia playing Deck the Halls.  She chose strings mode on Mr. Buddy's fancy piano.

 David was working this day at the hospital in Smithfield.  I was texting him during the recital to let him know when to leave to get there in time to hear Lydia play. 
Things were moving along quickly. He got there just as she played the last note of her song.  Lydia came running to my seat and was excited and said, "Daddy made it!"  She then ran down the aisle to give David a quick hug before he returned to work.  I'm so glad he 'made it' because Lydia didn't know that he wasn't there for the entire song.

The next night we had our Children's Choir musical at church.  Margo sang in the Cherub Choir and they all were so darling.

The K-5 Choir performed Shepherds, Sheep and a Savior.  Madeline and Lydia were shepherd girls.  The rest of the choir were sheep.

Lydia had a duet.
 She did this same part as a trio in church the previous Sunday.

They did a great job!
So proud of the Children's Choir. 

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Grandma said...

It was a great big busy Christmas. I was so happy to share it with my kiddos--a precious bunch.