Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Run Run Rudolph

Well December is here and like usual, it's kept us running.  We've been on the go with all of our regular activities and the added holiday & Christmas activities. While the girls were at parade practice a few Sundays ago, I thought it would be nice to take Margo to Milk & Cookies with Santa at her preschool.  She was very excited about going but quickly changed her tune after she had her milk and cookies.  She got a good look at Santa and decided she was NOT going near him!  I think her expression says it all.  This was the only picture I could get of her with Santa.

This past Saturday we went to the Grinch 5K and Jingle Jog sponsored by our gym to benefit needy children.  Our entire family (including Annie) participated.  Everyone brought a new, unwrapped toy and lots of people dressed up.  It was a fun event.

The girls and Annie and I did the 1 mile Jingle Jog.

David ran the 5K and had a pretty good time....25 minutes and some change.

That afternoon the girls were in the Clayton Christmas parade with their dance studio.

Margo rode on the float.  This was her first time being in a parade.  She liked it!

Madeline and Lydia danced with the big girls.

Here's a good action shot of Lydia.  They are going to be in the Smithfield parade this week.

Last night Margo had her preschool Christmas program.  They were all so cute singing their songs.  Hard to believe that was the last preschool Christmas program ever for our girls.

This is the stink face I got when I tried to get her picture after the program.

Our elf, Jingles, has been busy finding neat places to land each day.  This is where the girls found him the other morning.  Silly elf!

Stay tuned....the next few days are busy too.  We have the parade, a piano recital, and our Children's Choir Christmas musical coming up.  Hope to update with pictures soon.


Grandma said...

So Happy to see my pretty girls and their pictures.

Leslie said...

Love the stink face!