Monday, February 18, 2013

Lordy, Lordy, I am 40!

Today is my 40th birthday!  Here's a picture of me when I was 17 months old.  Madeline was looking through a scrapbook the other day and said she thought this picture looks like her.  

I woke up to some birthday decorations!

David got up and decorated before he went to work.

He loves to tease me about being old, but he's not THAT far behind me.

Margo woke up with a fever and hasn't been feeling the best.  She was feeling better mid morning but then started feeling bad again this afternoon.  She's in my lap as I blog.  Here are some pics that I quickly uploaded from my phone.  David and I enjoyed a weekend beach getaway in Nags 
Head to celebrate my 40th.  I called it my 39 and holding getaway since I was still technically 39!
The girls got to spend the weekend with Grammie and PaPa and Annie spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.

My mama made me a carrot cake!  YUM!

After we picked the girls up, we all ate at Deadwood.  That was yummy too!  

Another picture of food...haha!  We did eat a lot of good food this weekend.  This was brunch yesterday from Stack'em High in Kill Devil Hills.

Self-portrait on the balcony of our oceanfront room (thanks, Groupon!).  Although it is bright and sunny in this picture, it was FREEZING!!!  All day Saturday we kept hearing about everyone getting snow.  It was just cold and windy at the beach.  That night it did snow a little teeny weeny bit.

Sunrise on the beach Sunday morning.

Saturday night we went to a Japanese Restaurant and I had to take a picture of our chef.  He was definitely a character.  Oh, my....

Taking a stroll on the beach Friday evening when we arrived.  It's a good thing we walked on the beach then because that was the warmest day (60s).  Saturday and Sunday were in the 30s, wind whipping like crazy and COLD!!!!

We took in two movies, did some shopping (David was very patient while I browsed all the good sales in Belk), ate lots of good food and had some quality time! And I read Big Mama's book (all on my kindle app on my iPhone) and loved it.

It was a great weekend and so far it's been a good day.  My birthday wish is that my baby girl starts feeling better.
Hello, 40!  I'm ready :-)

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Grandma said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Please remember that 40 is not so bad!