Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Well here we are in February and I feel like a slacker for not updating my blog.  I think I did much better before Facebook!  I post some pics/videos from my phone and tend to think that I don't need to blog it.  I do need to blog!  This blog is about as close as my girls will get to having an updated baby book or scrapbook. Who knows if Facebook will even be around in a few years.  Probably.  But still, it's not the same as updating my personal blog.   So with that being said, I'm posting some pictures today that I should have posted a LONG time ago. 
Margo's Creative Dance Class Spring 2012

Lydia's Tap Class Spring 2012

Lydia's Ballet Class Spring 2012

Madeline's Clogging Class Spring 2012

Lydia's Basketball Team, Shock, winter 2012

Margo's Spring Preschool Picture 2012

Margo's Fall Preschool Picture 2012

I didn't order school pictures of Madeline and Lydia in the fall.  They were OK but just not great.  And they wind up costing a small fortune.  I figured since I have been putting my really nice camera to use lately with others' kids, etc. that surely I can get a decent picture of my girls whenever I want!  I do have the proofs in a folder, so that counts, right?!?!

I came across this Mother's Prayer and it puts things in perspective.  Even when a certain four year-old climbs in the bathroom sink and fills it up and water is EVERYWHERE!

I plan to dump some pics from my iPhone for the next post.  Hopefully that will be before March!

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