Saturday, February 09, 2013

Riding in Style!

Last Friday night we got to ride in a limousine!  We helped Lauren celebrate her birthday with a limo ride to Durham.  We went to a girl salon, had pizza and cupcakes and then rode back to Smithfield.  All the girls loved it!  They were so excited.

The girls got their hair done in fancy braids and up-do's and then sprayed with glitter hairspray.

They got their nails painted.

They decorated picture frames as their souvenirs.

Lauren and her girlfriends!

Posing outside the salon: Peek-a-Do!

All the girls (including big sisters Mary Margaret & Madeline and the mama chaperones) posing in front of the limo.

The birthday girl!

To say they had a blast would be an understatement!  They were so funny, especially on the ride home.  They were playing American Idol...taking turns being contestants and judges.  British accents and all!

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Grandma said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Too bad the hairdos didn't last till lunch the next day.