Monday, February 25, 2013


Last Monday night (my birthday) we had planned to go out to dinner with some friends to celebrate mine and Stan's (our friend) 40th birthdays.  Much to our surprise, David and Kelly (Stan's wife) had planned a surprise birthday party for us at Heidi's (the place we were going to eat).  We were both surprised and had NO idea!  

This was all David's idea.  He said he started planning before Christmas.  He and Kelly worked out all the details.  How cute is this cake they got us?  And it was delicious!

The two 40 year-olds on our actual birthday!  I really wished I had my Canon camera that night because it would have taken much better pictures than my cell phone, but that's ok.... David said he thought about bringing it but figured I would get suspicious and he didn't want to risk it.

With Kelly and Robin!  Robin helped with decorating and keeping the secret!

I was so happy to see so many good friends.  A picture of all the girls (except Cameron....she came a little later after this picture was taken).

David and his "OLD" lady ;-)

My co-worker and friend Patera and her husband even made the trip to JoCo to celebrate.  I was so glad they came.

Me and my good friend Sherry!

It was a great surprise party and I'm so proud of David for pulling it off.  He did great and I was truly surprised.  The last time I was surprised was on my 20th birthday in college when my suitemates surprised me in the dorm.  Yep, 20 years ago!  David was at that party.  That was one of our first times "hanging out"....several months before we even started dating.  I bet he had no idea he'd be throwing me a surprise party 20 years later!
To see all the pics from the party, click here.

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